Fort Worth Botanic Garden Begonia Species Bank



The Collection

There are around 1700 species in the genus Begonia. Here in the Botanic Garden we have over 300 species and over 1,100 taxa making it the largest begonia collection in the North America.

Begonias can be found in tropical regions around the world. They face the threat of deforestation, logging, mining, and agriculture rapidly reducing their habitat. Several begonia species are already considered extinct and more are threatened. 

Our Begonia Species Bank serves as an insurance against their extinction.

We are always adding to our collection through propagation and acquiring new species.  



Because of limited space the begonia collection is divided up between multiple greenhouses.

  • The Collection Greenhouses hold the bulk of the collection. 

  • The Working Greenhouses includes the potting shed where we propagate the begonias and houses the collection.

  • The Begonia Exhibition Greenhouse (open from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm daily) located next door to the Gardens Restaurant holds species and hybrids. 

  • The Rain-Forest Conservatory where they can live in their natural habitat.

The working greenhouse and the collection greenhouse are not open to the public except by scheduled tour. To schedule a tour please call in the information desk at (817) 392-5510.




The Future of the Collection

We are currently in the process of gathering funds to build a new greenhouse that will be able to hold the whole collection. The new greenhouse would also have a classroom for educational purposes. 


If you have any questions or would like to request cuttings, please contact Deborah Garrett, curator, at