10 Reasons to Plant in Fall

Most people don't realize fall is one of the best time to give your yard a new look. Steve Huddleston the Senior Horticulturest here at the Botanic Garden gave us his top 10 reasons to plant in the fall.

  1. Plants establish much better if planted in the fall.

  2. Because our soil doesn’t freeze during the winter, roots continue growing during the winter.

  3. Plants have fall, winter, and spring to establish before hot weather arrives.

  4. Fall-planted plants, therefore, have as much of a six-month advantage over spring-planted plants.

  5. Fall-planted plants are in a better position to withstand the heat and drought of the following summer than spring-planted plants.

  6. There’s more natural rainfall in fall and winter to establish your plants.

  7. When you purchase trees in the fall, you can see their fall color and decide which colors you want in your landscape.

  8. Texas Arbor Day is November 1.  This is the best time to plant trees.

  9. Plants and trees store “energy” in the fall/winter because they do not focus on top growth. This allows the tree or shrub to hit the ground running in the spring. For further growth, you can fertilize your newly-planted trees and shrubs which will produce robust growth in spring.  

  10. The crisp, cool air of fall makes for an enjoyable, leisurely experience working in the garden.

Don't forget to stop by our Fall Plant Sale Plant Sale Open to the Public October 6th 2:00 to 6:30 pm and October 7th 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.