The Cactus Garden

The Cactus Garden and Greenhouse is a little-known area in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.  It is tucked away at the end of the parking lot by the Japanese Garden. In 1935 the original Cactus Garden was established at Rock Springs Park. The Garden was recreated in 1995 in a cooperative effort of the Worth Worth Botanic Garden and the Fort Worth Cactus and Succulent Society (FWCCS), to bring cactus from different counties to Fort Worth; the specimens were selected and planted by the FWCCS. Recently we have been concentration on cactus that will grow in north central Texas.

The Garden has an extensive collection of Texas native cacti and succulents, and includes some species native to both North and South America. The Texas native cacti include: claret cups, Echinocereus coccinues; Texas lace hedgehog cactus, Echoinocereus reichenbachii; golden barrel, Echoinocactus grusonii.

The succulent family is represented by several agave's including the New Mexico century plant, Agave neomexicana; and and artichoke agave Agave Parryi var. truncate. There is also a thomspons yucca, Yucca thomposiana, and a large ocotill, Fouquiria splendens, that stand over the entrance to the Garden.

A special soil mixture was developed to provide adequate drainage during our wet, cold winter months, and our occasional summer frog-stranglin' gully washers. It consists of crushed brick, carpenter's sand, and decomposed granite among other things.

Along with the native plantings, there is a greenhouse that houses a large collection of rare and nearly extinct plants.

This Garden and its greenhouse is a labor of love for the FWCCS; they dig up the cold-sensitive specimens and store them in their winter home in one of the Botanic Garden's large Greenhouses, then replant them in the spring when most danger of frost is gone. Many of these are columnar-shaped cacti that are over four feet high. 

In 2015, the FWCCS started panning a complete garden renovation. Thanks to the many hours spent by our volunteers, the renovated garden is off to a great beginning. Come and see it!