Compost Outpost

The Compost Outpost is the Fort Worth Botanic Garden’s self-guided, outdoor demonstration area that shows you how easy it is to compost right in your own backyard. The outdoor site features a dozen different types of compost bins including inexpensive, homemade designs as well as more elaborate ones that can be purchased at retail outlets.

The Compost Outpost is an education facility — NOT a place to pick up or drop off compost materials.

Informational signage allows for self-guided tours by Botanic Garden visitors, garden clubs, individual homeowners, scouts and school groups. Three-sided signs throughout the site explain the benefits of composting and how compost is made and used in the garden, and are directed at three levels of interest. Tad O'Sense helps kids understand the composting process; Ima Gardener instructs average gardeners in how to compost and Professor B.A. Composter provides more technical information.


Learn from the Pros

Composting 101
Spring (March-May)
Fall (September-November)
Second Saturday of the month
1 to 3 p.m. at Compost Outpost
Free to the public

Opening day at the Compost Outpost 

Opening day at the Compost Outpost