By March and April the Botanic Garden has awoken from its sleepy winter slumber. Here's what you don't want to miss:


Just driving through the Garden is a treat as pear, cherry, peach, and crab apple trees bloom throughout the Garden. Tulip and daffodil flowers can be spotted as well. 

In the Fuller Garden and Rose Garden the Wisteria are in full bloom along the walkway. 

In the Japanese Garden the multitudes of cherry blossoms bloom.


By April the leaves have turned a rich dark green creating a lush and romantic environment.

Roses in the historic Rose Garden have begun blooming.

In the Fuller Garden and Perennial Gardens multitudes of perennials are in bloom filling each turn with a new and spectacular surprise of color.

A few of the flowers in bloom during these months:

Pansies, Dinthus, Snapdragons, Alyssum, Narcissus (daffodils), Summer snowflake , Mexican plum, Redbud trees, Mexican buckeye, Rusty blackhaw viburnum, Lady Banks’ Rose, Ox-eye daisy, Four-nerve daisy, Hardy gladiolus, Coral honeysuckle, and Chinese snowball.

Wisteria covered walkways in the Rose Garden.

Cherry trees in the Japanese Garden.

Cherry trees in the Japanese Garden.

Roses in the Rose Garden.

Roses in the Rose Garden.