Leonard Courtyard

Leonard CY.jpg

The Marjorie Leonard Courtyard was donated by her children and grandchildren, serves as an extension of the garden center, and invites visitors to begin their journey through the botanic garden. Large raised planters are filled with colorful plants that are changed periodically. It is a relaxing place to sit in the shade while listening to the water from the fountain donated in memory of Pam Hodges. In the spring of 2018 several large Grand Canyon onyx boulders were added to the largest raised bed.  A point of interest behind the courtyard and around the garden center are the green boulders in the grass.  American artist and designer Isamu Noguchi went to Japan in April 1960 to retrieve these stones from deep ravines in the mountains of the island of Shikoku.  These stones are metamorphic schist with striations of quartz; the green color comes from the chloritic content of the material from which the stone was formed.  More of these stones are around the Niads sculptures in front of the garden center.   All of these stones were originally arranged by Noguchi in 1961 as part of an entryway to a new West 7th Street tower.