Tier 5

$300 per calendar year (Jan. - Dec.).


The Long Bed (twenty five possible locations)

The Long Bed is a border of mixed annuals, perennials and shrubs running along the north vista, which accommodates thousands of visitors each summer during Concerts in the Garden.  Your donation will correspond to a portion of the Long Bed that will be approximately ten feet in length.


The Begonia Exhibition Greenhouse (two possible locations)

These beds are located at the entrance to the begonia exhibition greenhouse, which features samples of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden’s nationally-recognized begonia collection.  You may select the bed and accompanying pot to the left or right of the greenhouse entrance, based on availability.


Fuller Beds at Old Garden Road (two possible locations)

These two beds flank the pathway at the exit from the Fuller Garden at Old Garden Road where the crosswalk connects to the Native Texas Boardwalk. You may choose from either of the two beds for your donation, based on availability.


  The Suzuki Strip

This bed is located on the end of the Suzuki Strip, which is just outside the Japanese Garden and next to The Gardens Restaurant.  Many visitors walk past this bed as they make their way through the Garden.


The Fuller Garden Sign Bed

This small bed is located along Old Garden Road inside a rustic wooden fence supporting seasonally fragrant vines.  The flowers surround the sign for the Fuller Garden, a sign which is carved out of a slab of beautiful Pennsylvania blue-stone.


The Garden Center (fourteen possible locations)

These beds run along the sidewalk leading up to the entrance to the Deborah Beggs Moncrief Garden Center.   Your donation will correspond to a portion of these beds that is approximately 15 feet in length.


The Shade Bed by the Begonia Exhibition Greenhouse

This bed is located in the shade of a stately live oak tree between the patio of The Gardens Restaurant and the begonia exhibition greenhouse.


East Window Bed of the Beggs Courtyard

This bed is located along the eastern edge of the Beggs Courtyard of the garden center.  This secluded courtyard is a popular space for small events and is visible from the hallway connecting the lecture hall to the main Garden Center.


The Lecture Hall Bed

This splash of color is located among evergreen shrubs and ground covers just outside the entrance to the Garden Center’s Lecture Hall.