Photography in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden 

Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. We encourage visitors to snap casual photos  (for their personal use) and share them with us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (#fwbg). We ask that you leave your tripods and additional equipment at home. You're welcome to use a mono-pod. Please stay on all designated pathways and be sure to smile! 

If the purpose of your visit is to take photographs using the Botanic Garden as a backdrop, a $75 photography fee per hour will be charged.

The photography fee applies to, but is not limited to, the following portrait occasions: baby, prom, quinceanera, senior, graduation, bridal and engagement. 

There is no charge for photography at a reserved venue during the rental period.  Photos taken outside the reserved venue will require a per hour fee.

The photography fee covers admission for up to 5 guests and allows the use of tripods and other photography equipment as well as change of wardrobe.

Please check in at the Garden Center for payment and a photography pass. 

Personal photographs and videos are not to be used for commercial purposes. 

Commercial Photography/Videographer Rate

$2,500 per day

Student Passes

Photography charges will be waived for student photographers or videographers working on a school project. However, permission from the Garden Center booking office and a Student ID will be required. Regular admission fees apply for entrance into the Japanese Garden.

If you have any questions related to photography or videography, please call 817-392-5510. 

Please follow these guidelines while taking photographs in the Botanic Garden:

  • Photography requests, bridal shoot reservations, payment for and distribution of passes must be made at the information desk inside the Garden Center. Requests and payments can be made in advance by calling 817-392-5510.

  • Videography must be approved by the customer service supervisor at the Garden Center. To request a video shoot, please contact 817-392-5510. 

  • Props of any kind must be set up and taken down within the allotted pass period.

  • No pet portraits are allowed.

  • Drones or any other form of UAV are not permitted in the garden.

  • Balloons, rice, confetti, flower petals, glitter and other loose materials are not allowed.

  • Please stay on all garden pathways and do not stand on/in any garden structures including, rocks, trees and flower beds.

  • Please be sure to read our Garden Etiquette before you visit the Garden.

  • All photographers will be responsible for any damages or injuries related to use of the Garden. Individuals scheduling photography sessions will be responsible for damages to walkways, structures, plants, all garden amenities and any personal injuries that may occur. Photographers will be bound by the terms of the rental contract and the garden rules and regulations.

  • The Fort Worth Botanic Garden reserves the right to exclude any groups or individuals deemed to be inimical, detrimental or a risk to the Botanic Garden property or interests. Groups or individuals shall be given equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, color, sex, religion or national origin.