Preferred Vendors List for the Botanic Garden and the Japanese Garden

We ask that you keep in mind that there are different rules and guidelines based on what venue you rent. For example: the Botanic Garden has chairs on hand for wedding and receptions, but for the Japanese Garden a 3rd party must be used for rentals. Also, the Gardens Restaurant is the exclusive caterer for the Japanese Garden but not for the Botanic Garden.

If you have any questions about vendors, please feel free to call the booking offices.


Fort Worth Botanic Booking Office


Fort Worth Japaneses Garden Booking Office


Gardens Restaurant                              


For a pdf copy of the Preferred Vendor list please click HERE.

For a pdf copy of the Preferred Catering list for the Botanic Garden please click HERE

Center piece from the Treasure Tree Gift Shop

Cake by Creme Dela Creme             Photo by Julien Lambert Photography

Gold Dust Vintage and the Gardens Restaurant combind to make a champaine bar. 

Fruit and Cheese from the Gardens Restaurant     Photo by Julien Lambert Photography