Tier 1

$1,600 for one calendar year (Jan-Dec).


The Berm Bed in the Leonard Courtyard

This bed is located in the Leonard Courtyard, which greets visitors as soon as they enter the garden center.  The flowers of this large, raised bed trail over the gentle berm and boulders from the Grand Canyon.


The Floral Clock

The floral clock is one of the most iconic beds of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and can be seen from University Drive.


The Fort Worth Botanic Garden Logo Bed

The bed is located at the eastern end of the Four Seasons Garden, across from the historic Shelter House of the rose garden. The flowers are nestled among boxwoods, which have been carefully placed and trimmed to form the Botanic Garden’s logo.


Thaxton Falls

These beds surround the Thaxton Falls water feature and monument sign at the main entrance to the Botanic Garden.  With falling water and beautiful flowers on both sides, Thaxton Falls is one of the first features seen by visitors as they enter the main gate of the Botanic Garden and one of the last things they see as they exit.