Tier 2

$1,200 per calendar year (Jan. - Dec.).


The Triangular Bed of the Fuller Garden

This large, raised bed is situated at a split in the main pathway of the Fuller Garden.  The green lawn and romantic gazebo provide a backdrop for the bed as well as a prime location for weddings and other special events.


The Fountain Bed of the Leonard Courtyard

This bed is located in the Leonard Courtyard between the Garden Center and the Fuller Garden.  A peaceful, round water fountain is nestled in this bed, along with Grand Canyon boulders, boxwoods and beautiful azaleas.


The Runnels (two possible locations)

These beds are located in front of “Runnels”, two sculptures that also function as water features at the entrance to the Deborah Beggs Moncrief Garden Center.  You may choose the bed to the left or the right of the main entrance to the building, based on availability.


The Lecture Hall Triangle Bed (three possible locations)

Guests may view this large, triangular, raised bed from all sides as they enter or exit the Lecture Hall. A variety of annual flowers are planted among a trio of palm trees. You may choose one of the three sides of this bed for your donation, based on availability.


The Creek Bed (two possible locations)

This bed is located along the creek that runs through the Botanic Garden and out to the Trinity River.  Thousands of visitors walk past this bed in the North Vista as they make their way to Concerts in the Garden each summer.  You may choose from the northern or southern half of the bed for your donation, based on availability.


The Half-Moon Bed of the Fuller Garden

This large, half-moon bed is located across from the trellis garden of the Fuller Garden.  From the main pathway, visitors look out over this bed to the rolling lawn and grove of pecan trees below.