Tier 3

$900 per calendar year (Jan. - Dec.).


The Stone Gazebo of the Oval Rose Garden (four possible locations)

These beds are located in the Oval Rose Garden, the northernmost portion of the historic Rose Garden.  You may choose one of the four beds that surround the lovely stone gazebo at the center of the Oval Rose Garden, based on availability.  These beds also contain several types of roses, including climbing roses and roses that have been trained into standards.


The Inner Loop of the Oval Rose Garden (two possible locations)

These beds are located inside the inner loop of the historic Oval Rose Garden.  You may choose from two beds, either at the north or south end of the garden, based on availability.


The Spirit of Woman Bed

This bed is located in front of the “Spirit of Woman” statue on the North Vista. Thousands of visitors walk past this bed in the North Vista as they make their way to Concerts in the Garden each summer. 


The Fuller Garden Gazebo (two possible locations)

These beds are located beneath large, magnificent Burford Hollies on either side of the stately gazebo of the Fuller Garden.  The gazebo, with a small lawn in front of it and a beautiful rock waterfall and pond with koi fish behind it, is a beautiful space that frequently features weddings.  You may choose from one of the two beds (based on availability), the gazebo, and a hanging basket on the gazebo is also included.


The Gardens Restaurant Deck Beds

These beds surround the relaxing outdoor dining deck of The Gardens Restaurant, which is a popular venue for daily lunch in the Garden as well as wedding receptions and other parties. The Gardens Restaurant is located within the historic Rock Springs Building. Includes a variety of baskets overflowing with seasonal flowers and foliage.


The Garden Center & Conservatory Sign Bed

This bed is located directly in front of the Deborah Beggs Moncrief Garden Center.  The annual flowers are planted in front of the stone sign that welcomes visitors to the Botanic Garden Center and conservatory and is flanked by perennials, shrubs and two sculptural Hollywood junipers.


The Fragrance Garden

This bed is located in the fragrance garden behind the historical Rock Springs Building.  The flowers run along the edge of the raised stone bed, which follows the outline of the original fountain in this garden that was a gift to the Garden’s visually-impaired guests.


North Window Bed of the Beggs Courtyard

This bed is located along the northern edge of the Beggs Courtyard of the Garden Center. This secluded courtyard is a popular space for small events and is visible from the hallway connecting the Lecture Hall to the main Garden Center.