Tier 4

$600 per calendar year (Jan. - Dec.).


The Pine Bed of the Leonard Courtyard

This raised bed is located in the Leonard Courtyard, which is visible as soon as you enter the Garden Center.  It beckons visitors to step outside and explore all that the Botanic Garden has to offer.


The Entry Trellis of the Fuller Garden (two possible locations)

This bed is located at the entrance to the Fuller Garden, which was dedicated to Adelaide Polk Fuller and designed to symbolize her life’s journey.  You may choose the bed that runs along either the north or south outer edge of the large circular trellis, which is draped in romantic wisteria vines, based on availability.


The Gardens Restaurant Deck Beds

 These beds surround the relaxing outdoor dining deck of The Gardens Restaurant, which is a popular venue for daily lunch in the Garden as well as wedding receptions and other parties.  The Gardens Restaurant is located within the historic Rock Springs Building. Includes a variety of baskets overflowing with seasonal flowers and foliage.


The Trellis Garden Bed

This bed greets visitors with beautiful flowers as they arrive at the trellis garden of the Fuller Garden, just after you cross over the stone bridge. 


The Fuller Garden Poppy Bed

At various times of the year, this small bed is home to dazzling Iceland poppies or to a mandevilla-laden trellis that becomes a popular spot for photography.  It is nestled between the formal trellis garden of the Fuller Garden and a row of towering ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ hollies.


The Leonard Courtyard Basket Bed

This raised stone bed is located in the Leonard Courtyard, adjacent to the rolling green lawn of the Fuller Garden. It includes a raised basket, cascading with beautiful flowers.


The Fuller Garden Reflection Pond Bed (five possible locations)

This long stretch of flowers follows the curving stone seat wall near the Fuller Garden’s reflection pond.  Your donation will correspond to a section of the annual flower border that is approximately 20 feet in length.


The Fuller Garden Dry Creek Bridge Beds (two possible locations)

These beds flank the bridge that crosses over the dry stone riverbed in the Fuller Garden. You may choose the bed on the north or the south side of the bridge, based on availability.


The Fuller Garden Abelia Bed

This bed faces the lush green lawn near the exit from the Fuller Garden.  The lawn is a popular spot for weddings and relaxation in the shade.


The Lower Rose Garden Fountain Beds (four possible locations)

These beds are located in the historic lower rose garden, which sits at the bottom of the grand rose ramp and just above the beautiful reflection pond. You may choose from four beds, each situated at a corner of the lively fountain, based on availability.


The Outer Loop of The Oval Rose Garden (four possible locations)

These beds are located in the outer loop of the historic Oval Rose Garden. You may choose from four beds, either at the north or south end of the garden, based on availability.