The Rose Garden 

One of the most romantic gardens, the Rose Garden was built with 4,000 tons of Palo Pinto sandstone and completed in 1933.  This premier garden should be on your do not miss list.

The Rose Garden consists of:

The Shelter House- The historic Shelter House sits high above the Rose Ramp, and provides a panoramic view of the Lower Rose Garden and Reflection Pond.

The Rose Ramp- The Rose Ramp is located between the Shelter House and Lower Rose Garden. The Rose Ramp features paths that wind through flower beds with a beautiful cascade of water down the center.

The Lower Rose Garden-The Lower Rose Garden is located at the bottom of the Rose Ramp and features seasonal beds on either side.

For information on holding your ceremony in the Lower Rose Garden click HERE. 

The Republic of Texas Miniature Rose Garden- Located between the the Oval and Lower Rose Garden, the Miniature Rose Garden offers winding paths through beautiful flower beds and trellises.

The Oval Rose Garden-The Oval Rose Garden is connected to the main Rose Garden by a colonnade of nine stone and wood trellises. Four portals provide entrances to the Oval Rose Garden and at its center is a small stone gazebo. For information on holding your ceremony in the Oval Rose Garden click HERE. 

The Reflection Pond - The Reflection Pond is one of our most notable water features with a beautiful fountain in the middle. Turtles often can be seen sunning on the sides while goldfish swim lazily through the water.

Admission to the Rose Garden is Free


Looking up at the Rose Ramp and Shelter House

Looking towards the Lower Rose Garden.

The Republic of Texas Miniature Rose Garden.

The Oval Rose Garden

Looking to the Shelter House.

The Lower Rose Garden

The Lower Rose Garden.