Garden Etiquette

When you visit we ask that you keep a few things in mind so that the Fort Worth Botanic Garden remains in pristine condition

Please do not collect any plants, animals, or rocks. If you have questions about a plant or animal, snap a photo and send it to

Explore the Botanic Garden on the designated pathways. Please do not walk through the flower beds or foliage. 

Please do not climb on trees, rocks, sculptures, or water features.

Please do not touch or chase the animals and insects. We want all wildlife to feel safe and to continue calling the Botanic Garden their home. 

Please leave your pets at home; no animals (including dogs) are allowed inside the Botanic Garden with the exception of service animals.

Pond water is untreated water from the Trinity River. It is not advisable to drink from, swim, or play in the ponds and streams in the Botanic Garden.

We currently do not have a designated picnic area. If you want to have a picnic you are welcome to do so in Trinity Park located across from the Botanic Garden on University Drive.

Please do not obstruct paths, bridges, or walkways. 

Please do not tamper with water hoses, equipment, tools, or signs. 

For your own safety, do not enter an area posted for pesticide application or barricaded in any manner. 

Please be respectful of weddings or other scheduled events by not interrupting or taking photos.

Use of balls, kites, or sports equipment of any kind is not permitted.

Drones or any other form of UAV are not allowed in the garden.